Stephanie grew up playing barefoot outdoors in California, where she received her share of bee stings. After high school, she laced up her hiking boots and headed across the sea IMG_7702 (1)to backpack through 17 different countries. When her Eurail pass ran out, she came home to earn degrees in journalism and education, working first as a magazine editor and then as a fourth grade teacher. She has been happily settled for the past decade in Texas with her avid archer husband and two hilarious and huggable children. Her humorous observations of motherhood have been published in The Washington Post.

As a school volunteer and reading tutor, Stephanie loves listening to children talk about their favorite books. She doesn’t mind a bit if they chuckle when they see her six-foot frame folded, knees-to-chin, into a classroom chair. When not scouring shops for longer jeans, she enjoys researching her family history, and is proud of her grandfather’s brother, who saved lives as an engineer aboard RMS Titanic.

Inspiration for The Gravity of Daisy Gray came from Stephanie’s interest in bees. She collects honey from around the world and enjoys spotting the industrious critters on her frequent hikes through the wildflower fields with her shepherd pup named Ezra.

Stephanie is represented by Mandy Hubbard and Garrett Alwert at Emerald City Literary Agency.

For more information, please contact Stephanie here or by email at stephaniezlomke@gmail.com