The Gravity of Daisy Gray

In Depression-era Manhattan, 12-year-old Daisy Gray lives secretly inside a copper dome on the roof of a grand hotel, where she discovers she has a magical power to control the bees that share her shelter. She survives on honey and the hope of reuniting with her brother, who was torn from her arms at an orphan train depot two years earlier.

bee-705412_1280When her bees mysteriously stop making honey, a starving Daisy enters the lives of three hotel residents—a novelist’s rebellious daughter, an ironhanded pastry chef, and an eccentric scientist embittered by illness. She must figure out who can be trusted with her magical secret if she wants to rescue her bees from destructive forces and seize her one chance to reunite with her brother.

A silver compass, a slice of cake with Einstein under the stars, a wild ride on an underground train, and sweet chunks of honeycomb are treasured clues in this enchanting adventure.

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Stephanie Zlomke is represented by Mandy Hubbard and Garrett Alwert at Emerald City Literary Agency.